I said I would discuss the debate some more, but I’m short on time and the media has belabored every point I might make in full.  SO, instead, I wanted to highlight one of the very few positives of this financial crisis.  After going into our own financial crisis following cancer, we were forced to sell our house at a loss which we countered partially with the early withdraw of our 401K from Erick’s previous employer.  

At the time, I was uncertain of whether the decision to deposit this money into a low-interest savings account was a great idea and I was equally uncertain about the sale of our house at a loss.  However, today for the first time I’ve realized, withdrawing that money early this year was, sadly, one of the better financial decisions we’ve had to make in the last twelve months.   

Our savings account has done more to protect our money than the current poor-performing retirement plan even taking into account the fees and taxes we had to pay early on that money.