I’ve always been impressed with Erick’s ability to tackle house projects no matter how major.  Erick’s grandfather is graciously allowing us to add a kitchen to the lower-level which will break up the space considerably, but also add a good deal of function.  At first we all struggled to come up with a design that would work with the existing gas, sewer and electric lines.  Next, we considered the flow of the space and looked at foot-paths.  We settled on a design that allowed for communication from the kitchen into the living space, the triangulation of appliances for easy access, and cabinets and countertops that flatter the existing decor.  In short, I’m pleased with the look and feel of the kitchen and proud of my husband for his skills as a carpenter, electrician, plumber and architect.  He’s like a super-hero (dorky cameraman for the local paper by day; wears a cape and fights crime at night).