Erick installed the lights over the sink area.  Wow.  He used CFs and they’re BRIGHT.  I like the design he chose, but we both agree we need some softer light.  

After the lights, we cut into the carpet where the oven and other cabinets will be, measured and sunk the frame for the wall that will surround the cabinets and Erick taught me how to use the powder-fired nail gun.  It took me a while to get used to it.  I had one misfire and one successful fire and the rest of the time, I couldn’t even get it to fire.  Erick made it look easy.  

Since Erick has already run the gas for the stove, we’ll hopefully be able to get that and the cabinets installed by the end of the weekend.  It will be SO nice to have a functional kitchen in this space.  Especially since I promised Gug a homemade pumpkin pie for her birthday.  

I can’t wait to work on our own house someday in the not-too-distant future, but for now, both Erick and I are enjoying the challenge of installing the kitchen – there’s a lot to learn and the rewards are huge.