I bought this froggy as a storage compartment for all of the snuggly-toys the girls have collected over the past year, but my youngest prefers to carry it around like an over-sized teddy bear. While the other girls were sick, the Gug brought Froggy “mebicems” and took its temperature with a pen. Here she has sat it down beside the couch on its very own chair.

This train appeared on an area of track that leads to grassland and a broken rail-line. It was brought to the area for a reason, and I’m determined to find out why. I would love to purchase one of the cars and convert it into a work area or retreat. It’s beautiful. The “Metropolitan” or the Metro.

What’s black and white and likes knock-knock jokes? Our friend, Mr. Woodpecker.

Ta-da! The kitchen in the lower-level is finally complete. It’s cozy and cute and I’m amazed at all of Erick’s ingenious thinking that made it possible (and in only a few weeks!).