Fortunately for me, since all of my recipes are still packed away, I was able to uncover my pumpkin pie recipe.  This recipe calls for one sugar pumpkin.  Sugar pumpkins are smaller than those used to make jack-o-lanterns and much sweeter.  After you cook the pumpkin halves, it’s a good idea to taste the pumpkin to see how sweet it is before adding your sugar.

  • Cut pumpkin in half, empty pulp and seeds, and lay flat on baking pan. (I salted the seeds and baked them with the pumpkin halves.)
  • Bake for one hour at 350(F).
  • Crust: 1 1/4 Cup flour, 1/2 Cup shortening, 3 TBLS cold water (makes one layer)
  • Scoop pumpkin into bowl, cut in 1/2 to 1 Cup sugar (most sugar pumpkins are fairly sweet already, so try first, then decide), cut in 2-4 TBLS butter, beat two eggs and add three TBLS milk, whisk and add to mixture. Blend all and pour into pie crust. Bake at 350(F) for one and a half hours. Yum.

This recipe would go well with some whipped cream made by whisking “heavy whipping cream” and adding sugar for a sweeter flavor.