I’ve been experimenting with sauces of late and have just taste-tested my latest, favorite marinara.  Just combine balsamic vinegar (red apple infused for this recipe) with your usual full-flavor olive oil.  Saute onions with fresh rosemary, mushrooms and a couple tablespoons butter.  Cook down enough that the the mushrooms darken, but leave the onions firm.  Season with lemon pepper.  

Next, remove the concoction from the pan and draining excess liquids.  Set aside.  Add some nice sirloin and chop while cooking into very small crumbles.   I like to season the meat while it cooks as well with some sea salt, more pepper and a little cumin.  Cook through, then add back the mushrooms and onions.  Let onions and meat cook together for a few minutes before adding your favorite bottled red sauce (or make your own).  At this point, to counter the vinegar, I add a half to full tablespoon of turbinado sugar.   Let simmer for one hour.  

Serve over pasta, top with freshly grated parmesan cheese and serve with warm garlic bread.  Magnificent!