Not long after we bought our new Mac, I started playing around with the web design templates that come with iWeb.  Erick hates web templates and has been insisting for months I take the time to learn web design.  So, this week, after I had already finished a design in iWeb, he coerced me into using DreamWeaver to replicate the sight.  And I’m really glad he did.  

The site ( is still in its infancy, but I’m very happy it turned out as clean as it did and I’ll be adding to it as I receive additional content, links, etc.  The thing that pleases me most is my newfound freedom to design photo-rich sites without overloading the site.  And I can work on Healing Tree’s website on my own (with a little help from Erick when needed).  

Erick, you’re a patient teacher.  Thank-you, Dear.