The weather outside is frightful, but our 30K BTU gas heater is so delightful…  We’re enjoying the large, fluffy snowflakes falling steadily.  The accumulation has afforded us opportunities to sled, make snowmen and hopefully some snowshoeing is in our near-future.  They make little people snow-shoes that are priced under $20.  I’m thinking about getting a wooden pair because their quieter and more buoyant.  Erick plans to start the girls down-hill skiing in December.  I think they’ll enjoy it quite a bit.  There are two great hills here on which they can learn.  

Walking the dogs is proving amusing on the ice.  Lady has lost all her manners on a short lead and Celli never had any, so it’s less walking and more sliding.  

Parent-Teacher conferences tonight.  Our first.  The girls are doing well and we enjoyed seeing some of their creative artwork while we visited the school.  I’m feeling good about our decision to put the girls in school.  We’ve been truly impressed with the curriculum so far.  

What are your favorite winter-time activities?