I just saw the photo of the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai, engulfed in flames and was immediately transported back to the morning of September 11th.  What a tragedy.  

I’d like to offer something to combat the misery these sort of attacks inflict on people, but I haven’t anything save for the hope these types of attacks will become less and less in the future.  I wonder how the world would change if we focused less on the misery and those who inflict it and more on those who recover following along with the reconstruction.

From a Larry King interview with Deepak Chopra:

King: Are you pessimistic?

Chopra: I think Mr. Obama has a real opportunity here, but a challenging opportunity, a creative opportunity.

Get rid of the phrase “war on terrorism.” Ask for a creative solution in which we all participate.

King: Is it because the war on terrorism really can never be won because the terrorists (inaudible)?

Chopra: Because it’s an oxymoron. It’s an oxymoron, Larry, a war on war, a war on terrorism.

You know, terrorists call mechanized death from 35,000 feet above sea level with a press of a button also terror. We don’t call it that, because our soldiers are wearing uniforms. They don’t see what is happening, and innocent people are being killed. So, you know, terror is a term that you apply to the other.