dsc_0114This year, since all of our holiday decorations are packed up along with the rest of our life in some storage facility across town, we decided to buy big, bulbous LEDs lights (which never get hot and are 98% more efficient than traditional ceramic bulbs) and the craziest bulbs we could find to go with them.  The result is a very festive, kid-approved tree that brightens the room and has ushered in some good, old-fashioned holiday spirit.  

Outside, the weather is frightful, making it difficult for the baby turkeys to come in to feed.  They now follow the only trail to and from the woods made by our beagle. Erick didn’t think the babies would survive this winter without a little help, so we’ve been leaving seed for them each day.  

dsc_0005dsc_0167Wishing you well, Samantha & family