Erick thought it would be nice to grab some cocoa from Patisserie, so we took the bug with us and enjoyed a nice lunch in town.  Afterward, we did some shopping downtown (I love Front St. this time of year) and then met up with Christy at Staples.  Erick was very proud to show us his new (hot pink) roll-up keyboard.  I love that man.

Kate and I were talking recently about how Erick and I are coming up on nine years of marriage.  We’ve spent a third of our lives together already.  And the thing that keeps this thing called marriage going is an openness we’ve shared from the start.  Besides that, I think our similar upbringings and ridiculous love of dork-culture keep us close.  

I continue to be amazed at how two people who’ve each dealt with major disfunction have grown together and created a beautiful family – we each yearned for this kind of love and in one another have found it.  It’s not always the hot-n-bothered kind of goodness – In fact, mostly it’s just a feeling of knowing someone so well, you can feel them when they enter a room, finish their sentence, or talk to them in subtle glances.  

And in our girls, we see the childhoods we never had and we appreciate them that much more for their innocence and the simplicity of our lives together.  They know our faults and love us for our strengths.  And we, in turn, have learned to do the same with one another.  

There was a time recently when I thought I wouldn’t see another Christmas.  When I believed, while packing christmas lights, they would outlast me.  I’ve stopped thinking about what could happen and learned to appreciate each moment as it comes as another gift, far more valuable than anything under the tree.  

Blessings to you and yours this holiday.