Erick is making little pies for a Solstice dinner tomorrow.  They’re so cute.  He’s also making meatloaf tonight, since I have a cold and it will be a first for both of us, which is kind of remarkable.  We’ve been in dispute over how to best prepare meatloaf, which is typical of us – thinking we know it all from the start. At the same time, this competitive additive makes it all the more tasty a meal.  

Erick taught me how to cook for the most part.  It wasn’t until this year that I really dove in.  I think it had something to do with being cut off from the farms and co-op that inspired me to get creative.  In the city, everyone eats out (every night).  There is little fresh, local produce and frankly, it’s just easier to give in to the fine cuisine at Greek Isles or SoHo at the Hearst than it was to make the trek for healthier food.  

When we returned to Michigan, so returned my longing for local, organic eating.  And with it, a desire to create and prepare recipes that inspire the pallet and make the wait and work well worth the efforts. This summer, when the CSA begins harvest, we’ll be ready.