Working on researching the book today.  I’ve gotten far in the last few days and have defined an area of focus.  I’m now looking at the band that crosses the north end; the settlements of Old Mission, Ogdensburg, Bowers Harbor, Mapleton and Neah ta Wanta.  

Yesterday, we drove out to Old Mission where we got the van stuck in a few feet of snow.  Some friendly folks came to our rescue and the whole experience was rather fun, considering.  I think Grandma Marjorie was trying to tell us to stay.  

There’s a new map out detailing the original Anishanbee settlements on what is now the Leelanau, Old Mission and the mouth of the river at Elk Rapids.  I’m enjoying the research very much and if anything will have to deal with having too much information rather than too little.  What a neat history in our own backyard.

Be well and enjoy the snow!