A lot has been going through my head lately.  I miss the bathroom in our old house where I spent way more time than necessary just sitting and thinking, or leaning on the windowsill in the early morning or late evening recollecting my thoughts.  I enjoyed longer showers just for the time it gave me to just revel in the now.  With kids, there’s little time left for wasting, so we take it when we can and sometimes circle the block one more time just so we can listen to a favorite song on the radio without interruption.  

Next week all the craziness will reset and begin again whether I’m ready or not.  I have a scan, doctors appointments to get out of the way before school starts, then school, the book and the girls at school.  My me-time is now spent walking the dogs no matter the temperature.  Or getting lost in the history of our region.  Or sometimes just blogging about the mundane.  I need that quiet time wherever I may find it.