It was a beautiful house, perched on a hill overlook East Grand Traverse Bay.  Old Mission and Haserot Beach were in walking distance.  The house was new, but built with elements from the original farmstead.  The floors were milled locally and installed by the same friends who installed floors on Matthew Drive.  The girls’ bedroom upstairs was like a fairy-tale room with a large bay window overlooking the water and a window seat below to support hours of reading in the sunlight enjoyment.   And the price:  Unbelievably affordable.  
So, you ask, why not?  
And I’ll tell you, it was a long week as I contemplated the risks of moving the girls to a school located next to a conventional orchard.  They playground is within inches of the first row of trees.  And so, I said no to my perfect house out of principle and the safety of our girls.  If only humans would stop spraying poison on their food, but that would change things dramatically and not everyone is so ready or willing to change.