Yesterday, I received two things of interest.  Firstly, my Adams Co. Nursery catalogue arrived, but until we know where we’ll be in the long-term, I’ll likely not order anything.  Secondly, Erick surprised me with a school-tool Apple, MacBook Pro.  Very cool, backlit and everything.  Beautiful, artful design.  I can’t say enough about it, though I can say Erick cleverly shocked me.  He just left it on the bed with a big gold bow and I sat beside it completely oblivious until that moment when I decided to pick up what I thought was a pile of coloring books the girls had abandoned.  

This all occurred right before my meeting with the historical society, so I was really revved for the meeting.  It went well and the people of Old Mission couldn’t be friendly or more helpful.  It’s really a delight hearing their stories.  I sat beside a cousin of Erick’s, though she and Erick have probably never met.  She and I first met during my More than Cherries days.  She’s an archivist which works out brilliantly since she’s also a member of the family and out at Old Mission.  

Spring semester starts today, though my first class is tomorrow.   I had my first school-nightmare, which always happens in the days preceding that first introduction to my studies.  For now, I’m focusing on getting enough sleep and some decent exercise each day, time with my family and the book, eating right, acknowledging my worries and pressing them into a pretty-petaled drive to move into this next phase of my life.