I was lying in bed this morning before the alarm was set to ring thinking about all that I have going on this week and trying to calm myself out of some anxiety.  And then I thought for a minute about our president-elect, slated to become the next president a week from today.  What must he be feeling right now?  So many expectations, so much hope banking on one man’s ability to lead.  It’s more than I think I could handle.

So I thought about what I’d say to President-elect Obama if I could give him a little pep-talk prior the inauguration.  I’d tell him we didn’t elect him because we think he’s the answer, but because we know he’ll help bring about real solutions.  And that we didn’t elect him because we think he’s infallible, but because we see him as we see ourselves.  Those of us who voted for Obama did so because we believe Obama loves this country as much as we do and we trust he will unite the parties, rather than divide them.  

And so, next Tuesday, we’ll all have a few butterflies in our stomachs, standing united, regardless of party-affiliation, that together, this country can and will be turned around.  It’s not just about the president-elect, it’s about our individual choices that make up our own reality and make this country strong.

So, in taking my own advice, I’ll do the best I can this week and live with the hope the rest will fall into place.