The other day something strange happened:  The toilet flushed on it’s own.  I noted it, but didn’t think much of it.  Last night, I had a dream I was in this enormous camp with all the men and women who’ve ever impacted my life in some way and then many I didn’t know.  I was walking past two long buildings and on the doors of each was a a man or woman symbol.  A man I knew who had died recently stood at the door of the men’s room.  I walked up and studied him.  He was unchanged except that he had a soft look and a warmth emanated from him.

I said, “Wait for me.”  And he nodded and then walked through the men’s door and I walked through the women’s.  

While looking at the long line of toilets that appeared to stretch out infinitely, I began to realize I wouldn’t see him when I walked out onto the grounds again.  That it would be sometime much later.  I walked down to where long lines of tables were set for dinner and sat in his empty chair.

When I awoke, our oldest said she dreamed of ghosts and thought she heard something in the other room.  I went out into the living room and saw nothing, so I entered the bathroom and heard the sound of running water.  The toilet was running, which in and of itself might not be so unusual.  The difference was, it stopped as if it had just been flushed.