There are meetings by chance which happen often and make up the stories we devour in large gulps while lounging on the couch.  And there are planned meetings for which we anticipate and prepare and nothing in them is all that exciting or unfamiliar.  And then there is something in between, which is to say, a meeting by chance of circumstance.  And it is something quite lovely for it draws more out from the individuals who are bound in some small way by previous experience and injects an entirely new experience.  

I made a new friend today, but in saying that, I am really resurrecting in familiarity, a friend of old.  A meeting that would not have occurred had it not been for extraordinary and unfortunate circumstances.  And a meeting during which tears were shed, but a sense of commonality was uncovered, and in which two people saw past the old insecurities to invest in a better vision of the future.  It’s the kind of chance meeting we should strive to endure no matter how complex or complicated for it inspires something we desire already: a chance to be understood and even better, to come to understanding.  

I was fortunate to be in good company with an equally strong woman who crossed into new territory by way of believing in a higher purpose.  And together I think we saw we were less alone in the swirling mass of electrons and for a moment all seemed well with the world.  If it is not happiness we achieved, it is something far grander, I hope; the power and permission to heal.