If you’re an Oryana Member, Please Vote!

I am thrilled to finally have an opportunity to join the board at Oryana.  My experience with the co-operative has been life-altering and I am looking forward to helping maintain positive momentum as we move to fulfill our mission of providing healthful foods grown using sustainable practices.  As a Permaculturalist (permanent agriculture), I am excited to work with the farms that are shaping our local economy.  We help strengthen this economy each time we connect a family with the farms that grow their food.  And we are building stronger, healthier families with every new membership.

As a mother of three, I have found the cooperative to be an amazing resource and it is my goal to help other families realize the benefits of becoming involved in their cooperative.  Oryana has taught me that a small group can make a difference in the vitality of our community, and I hope you will offer me a chance to learn from the board and to offer something back in terms of my experience as a mother, writer and farmer.

In wellness, Samantha Tengelitsch