That line, from Hamlet II, rang true this afternoon as we got ready to head into town to make our offer on our Old Mission home with the perfect, crooked tree.  Our agent called to tell us the house was under contract.  After two weeks of phone calls with builders, building code officials, and a structural engineer, we had finally decided to offer what we felt was fair market value and had less than an hour before our scheduled meeting.  

At first I felt like I’d been punched in the gut – this property was special to us and we felt confident everything was falling into place.  And yet, after the phone call, when I sat down, trying not to cry, and uttered those amusing lyrical words, Hope is a devil bitch, Erick said something in response that was so funny, I began crying from laughing too hard.  I realized we would be okay without our beautiful house and perfect, crooked tree because no matter where we lived, we are together, happy and healthy and though I can’t stand to hear another person say, “It’s all for a reason,” I understand those words dripping with cliche commonplace.  Because like many things that have happened before this, we’ve come out stronger as a family in the end.  We’re still able to laugh hard, despite circumstance.  And sometimes, in the case of this devil bitch circumstance, we’re still drying our tears.