dsc_01181We celebrated Christy’s birthday with a trek out to Kejara’s Bridge for lunch followed by a hike along the Lake Michigan shoreline (near Fishtown).  We explored the ice-shelves floating near shore and collected stones.  Pictured here l-r: Sam (me), Liz, Marci and Christy

dsc_0048Liz, Marci, Christy, Maria

dsc_0110“Big Bear”


Naturally, Liz suggested it would be appropriate to leap across to this desolate ice-berg, “It’s only six feet!”  Instead, we found a shorter gap and explored a different ice-island.

dsc_0093Maria’s leap!

dsc_0091Me, with help from Liz.

dsc_0078dsc_0107Some of the ice-faults were several feet deep.

dsc_0066Liz, Birthday gal, and me.

dsc_0058Marci “Diego” Ice-explorer.

dsc_0044While in Petoskey, Lake Michigan.

dsc_0025“Wolfy” in her new specs.