This week alone, I’ve heard stories from three separate people who were in need of help and called out for help, but their cries for help were ignored.  Two of these instances were recorded in the local paper and these incidents occurred at the Grand Traverse Mall while the third incidence was not at the mall, but also in a public space.  

We experienced something similar while walking at the mall a number of years ago with our youngest.  She fell from a shopping cart and landed on her head.  I screamed and grabbed her, but no one stopped to see whether she was okay or to offer to call for help.  We had to walk to the cookie store to ask for a cold compress until we could get her to the hospital, but the woman just said, “I don’t have one.”  I told her to get some ice and a cloth, but was severely angry at her disregard for the well-being of my child.  

I’ve got some news for those of you who walked past, WE “individuals” live in a community.  We need one another.  What kind of person hears someone cry for help and walks the other way?  What worries me is just how many people will choose to do just that.  Change is needed, but not political change we’ve all been talking about; We need to become better people.  

If you see someone struggling, please offer to help.  You’ll feel better about yourself, but best of all, you will have helped bring about a positive change.   It shouldn’t take someone crying out for help to receive the offer, but for goodness sake, don’t walk away!