The other day, standing tall over an old defunct rail, the twin flashing warning lights for an approaching train suddenly came to life for only a few breif flashes.  Traffic slowed and stopped at the tracks and driver after driver made the same slow progression toward the track, stopping to look both ways before pulling ahead long after the lights had ceased.  

The experience reminded me of the trust we put into the predictability of our experiences.  When this predictability is challenged by the unexpected (a death, an illness, taxes), we tend to slow down in caution and sometimes we stop altogether.  We’re left wondering if a train appear suddenly (even on a defunct track!) and run us down.  It’s a terrifying feeling, if you’ve recently experienced trauma in your life.

I’ve been pretty fortunate the last couple of years, but the four moves and stress of living in the city, then abruptly altering our lives in Michigan, have left me feeling on edge.  We’re just now starting to look at houses and it feels good to know there’s light at the end of the tunnel.   

More later…