With all the girls have been through in the last two years, we’ve been discussing surprising them with a new family pet: a Guinea Pig.  After reading about the small, social Cavias online, we made a trip to PetSmart to see one first hand.  They’re adorable!  

I wasn’t expecting to have any feelings whatsoever for the ball-like, rat-relatives.  I’m not a fan of rodents, but this little guy was precious and I’m suddenly as excited as our youngest (the only child to be in on the surprise) for the new arrival.  

Of course, we have to move first.  

We have an offer in on a house, but the home is in pre-foreclosure which makes the process complicated.  It’s a beautiful home and we’re hoping the people can stay out of foreclosure with our offer, but that’s a decision that is now up to the banks to decide.  It’s really sad to see so many people going through this.  We lost money, but at least we were able to sell our house.  Each time we see a house and find out it’s a foreclosure, I am reminded of how fortunate we we’ve been.  We’ve seen something like 10 homes and more than half have been foreclosures.  It’s a shocking contrast with Charlotte.

Still, I am hopeful our state will become a leader in wind energy.  Michigan is such a wonderful place – I can only imagine an equally wonderful future for our state.  Until that day comes, we’re left reminded of the smaller joys in our lives – like the bright-eyed little fur-ball who won over our hearts earlier and the smile elicited from our littlest one who gently patted his back.