The concert last night was pure poetry from Ani’s version of religious reverie in “The Atom” to her telling it like it is in “Promiscuous,” we laughed, we cried, we flirted and fretted along with the lovely folky personalities on stage.

“Oh, holy is the atom, the truly intelligent design // To which all of evolution is graciously aligned // The one single structure to which everything distills // The air, the wood smoke there and the hills // … // I have this great, great uncle who worked on the atomic bomb // He got a Nobel Prize in physics and a place in this song // And I bet there were no windows and no women in the room // When they applied themselves to the pure science of boom” –The Atom, Ani D.

Hamell told TC to “F-Off” from NYC and serenaded us with some of the most exacting and moving poetry I’ve heard in, well, ever.  And he didn’t leave without a little parenting advice:

“You got a kid? // I got a kid. // Are you going to tell him the things you did? // Tell him the truth about your sordid youth? // If he wants to know, did you do blow? // Did you get high and listen to the stereo?  // …  // Dad, I heard you bartended in a place that dealt crack! // Just making sure our clientele would come back // He wants the truth, I look him in the eye // I set a good example, I’m that kind of guy // I’m going to lie // I’m going to lie // I’m going to lie…”