I’m getting ready to head for the barn, but Erick just called me into the bedroom, where he was hearing a strange sound outside the window.  We looked down and discovered two beautiful Pileated woodpeckers chattering and hopping around the lawn.  


Side-note history: Labor with our middle child was fast and when the rushes came, they came quickly.  Our midwife arrived and found me straddling a soft couch cushion, leaning up against the seat of the couch.  I had found the nearest book to me and opened it to a photo of a Pileated.  It’s eye had a hypnotic effect and through each contraction, I breathed and looked into that eye.  

Our daughter’s name means “Bird” and the day following her birth, I heard chattering on our deck.  Through the window I watched in awe as a beautiful Pileated danced atop the rail, working hard to attract a mate.  Since that day, we’ve seen Pileateds whenever we are about to experience a great change in our lives.  And now we’ve seen two dancing beneath our window.