We spent a few hours out at the new house last night for our inspection.  Our agent said the FHA inspection went really well, so no worries there.  Our own inspection went well too, though there’s an issue with the fireplace not igniting, but no big deal.  

Erick and I went through a gazillion pages of closing documents last night.  I started feeling really anxious, which I’ve carefully avoided so far throughout this process, and when we returned to the house, our van started smoking.  So, off to the dealership later today.  You know the saying, “No rain, no rainbows.”

I have an interview in Elk Rapids this morning for a writing job, so I’m putting aside all anxiousness in the near-term to focus on securing some work.  I’m actually excited about this, rather than nervous, so perhaps that’s a good sign.

Regardless, the saying passing over my lips every day seems to be, “It’s all good.”  In the end, we are not the smallest atoms in the universe, but oh so close in the scheme of things.