It was Popo’s first sport and she took it seriously, playing with fury and practicing hard in between (I think she had fun, too).

DSC_0038DSC_0099The “Popstars”


Sisters waited on the sidelines and collected caterpillars for the players to visit in between rounds.

DSC_0143DSC_0096I found the bat-like Wolfy cocooned in a fleece blanket and hanging on the fence watching her sister’s team play.

DSC_0085Christy saved the day with coffee and blankets (we thought the tournament was in the gym, but it was outside in the “refreshing” Michigan air).

DSC_0117Practicing with Christy.  Christy does everything from bowling to softball, so she makes a great coach!

DSC_0057Erick and I were proud of Popo’s determination and sportsmanship.  She played well and though they did not win, she learned a lot and enjoyed the game (as did we!).