We had a wonderfilled time yesterday at the Grand Traverse Resort, celebrating Wolfy’s birthday with a big pool party.  Her birthday coincided with the last day of school, so the celebration was extra special for the kids (and we moms and dads).  

You could see the excitement on their faces the minute they walked down the stairs – What to do first?!


Initially the kids were a bit apprehensive about the pool, but this only lasted a few minutes while they adjusted to buoyancy and realized the lines at the bottom of the pool weren’t sea serpents.  Before long, they were traversing the high tower and fearlessly sliding down the big water slide. 


While the youngest, our Bug was the first to check out the slide.  Daddy was at the bottom to catch her.  She was awestruck! 

It didn’t take long before all the kids were little fish, swimming, leaping, and in general completely oblivious to anything but the fun before them.
DSC_0052DSC_0008After the pool, we enjoyed pizza and a horse-themed cake for Wolfy.  Her classmates and family sang Happy Birthday while she made her wish and then watched as she opened her gifts.



Erick was nice enough to remember I’m usually behind the camera, so he made sure to get a photo of me with my gift-rampaging Woffess.  


BFFs (remember those days?)
This was a cute moment for two of the moms at the party- Amy’s daughter and my own daughter (we were best friends in Junior High and HS) becoming friends.  

In all, the celebration was note-worthy and FUN.