We have horses and cows in our neighborhood and tonight they were talking.  I walked a couple of miles through the winding roads and noted the familiarity of this place.  It’s nice.  

The paint horse I adore stopped and watched me pass tonight.  He is so beautiful against the budding green landscape.  On his body is painted the sky with lulling white clouds drifting through.  He reminds me, when I feel the burden of the everyday pressing in, to breathe.  Such a simple task, so urgent and relentless and yet, there are times when we forget to let the air flow.  

Christy and I took the girls to see Harry Potter on Saturday.  I felt it was the best rendition of the films so far and am looking forward to re-reading the series with our girls this winter.  We all need a little magic in our lives.  

Off to play a game of “twilight ping-pong.”