I was getting ready to head out for a press event with Governor Granholm (of Michigan), when my eldest daughter asked, “Can girls be governor?”  It was a question that startled me.  “Of course!”  I responded and decided then to take her with me.


As we press folk worked to photograph and document Gov. Granholm’s visit, I saw an opportunity to introduce Popo.  I didn’t tell her about the question Popo had asked of me earlier that day.  The governor took Popo’s hand and introduced herself and then asked Popo’s name and the two talked for a moment when the governor suddenly leaned over and whispered a very special message into Popo’s ear.


I continued with my work, but on our way to the car later, Popo shared the message:

“She told me she was the first female governor [of MI] and that I can be governor someday.”

What a special message and wonderful timing!  Surely, this moment will stand out for our strong and independent child – that gender does not limit us, nor does it define us.  We are all equal in our capabilities to strive ahead.  It’s an important and powerful message.