I had to run downtown to photograph a young, aspiring film-maker, so on my way home, I began taking permaculture-related photos of aspiring plant-life.  This wasn’t one of those photos, but it’s my favorite by far.  

In other news, we started using Netflix and I downloaded this great documentary called Moving Midway.  It’s the story of the Midway Plantation in North Carolina (located near Raleigh) and the family’s decision to move the house and all out-buildings to a new site away from sprawl and highway noise.  The writer delves into the history of the plantation and uncovers its roots even as the roots of the house are severed and the entire structure is hoisted onto a trailer.  Five stars.

We’ve been busy prepping for the soil-building workshop in August – and now have a long list of participants which thrills me.  Nature inspires.