I love October – our paper is focusing on local history, one of my favorite topics, and it’s also time for fall planting, second only to spring planting!  Work aside, we’re decorating the house for fall and looking forward to three months of family gatherings for birthdays, holidays and fun.  

One of my favorite things as a child was coming home from school to find our apartment decorated for some upcoming holiday.  The warmth of the decorations warded off the impending cold of winter and made the apartment all comfy-cozy.  It’s an absolute joy watching the girls come home from school to discover pumpkins and mums and holiday lights, oh my!  

The wind is howling this morning and rain is splattering against the window panes, but tucked inside this cozy parlor, I am reminiscential and awash with warm-fuzzies; those feelings stirred through generations of traditions designed to keep alive the light within even as the days grow shorter and the cold air hovers low outside.    

What I meant to say had nothing to do with holidays, or festive decorations and yet, I was distracted completely by the stark contrast of grey skies and the careful turning of leaves to this brightly lit and cheery room and reminded of that saying – Do not complain of darkness; it is what helps us to see and understand light:

Go a light unto the darkness and curse it not.  

(Neale Donald Walsch)