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Terrible Mother

No, I’m not referring to my crazy mothering style again, but to a fellow blogger who wrote recently about how she spent Mother’s Day.

A new blog

Welcome to My Life in Dreams.

The African Violets I bought not long after my grandmother passed away (she loved violets), are blooming.   There’s a lantern of a bloom curled forward on a dainty stem and another facing opposite just emerging.  They have a pink-violet hue and stand out vividly against the stark blue wall beyond.

Violets are not blue. 

I tried recently to keep a journal.  Obviously I use this blog to chronicle milestones in my life, but I thought I might pour more into a personal journal that only I might read.  In that, I felt ridiculous.  It’s not like me to write something I don’t want others to read.  Occasionally, I write down a thought only to destroy it, but mostly, I love to integrate these thoughts into the larger collective pool of the blogosphere and bare something of myself to an unseen world of eyes looking in.

I saw someone this week I hadn’t seen in a month and a friend I haven’t seen in nearly two years.  It brought forward some intense feelings.  I realized I’ve grown up in the last year.  I’ve opened my self up to loving people in a way I’ve never loved before.  It erases the fear I’ve harbored since childhood; fear of abandonment, fear of touch, fear of losing.  And in the next year, I imagine I’ll be engaging even more in the kind of relationships  and adventures that help me express the joy I feel in living.

This year, I will…

  • move to North Carolina
  • stand in awe before a Redwood tree
  • let my heartbeat echo off the Grand Canyon
  • swim in a mountain lake and walk beside the ocean

This year I will soar to new heights.

If you’re interested in Part II of our Healing Tree blog series on how to build a fruit-centered guild, please visit the Healing Tree Farm blog.

Linda is posting some fantastic information on Permaculture (and Biodynamics) at her website, Journey Seeds. I encourage everyone interested in either topic (or both) to read her posts on the topic(s).

I suppose I will write the occassional cross-over post.  Work on Healing Tree is going steadily.  We’re picking up the composted manure donated by T/N Farm tomorrow morning at 6am.  Once that has been unloaded, we can finish the berry beds.  Another load of fresh manure and we should see most of the guilds near-finished.  The hay has been distrubted all around property, waiting for the next layer of manure and we’ve begun some planting of nectary/edible plants.

Please visit Healing Tree Farm for a more in depth explanation of our backyard permaculture project.

Introducing: Mr. Erick T.

My husband established his blog today.  Please pass along your support by visiting: etweb.

I hate for an entry to overlap: Healing Tree Farm

If you haven’t been annoyed by now at my persistence in beginning a backyard experiment in permaculutre, then give me a minute.

I’m in the midst of a fund drive for Healing Tree with the hopes that generous folk will sponsor certain aspects of the project. If you’re interested in supporting the project, please visit Healing Tree online and check us out.

If you’re just interested in hearing about our family, scroll down. Either way, enjoy the heatwave and the possibility of thunderstorms (is there anything cooler than a summer storm?).

We returned to the pristine National Lakeshore yesterday and once again had the shore to ourselves.  This time we brought along Christy.  It made for a great time since all we women, including our girls, jumped in right away while Erick watched the baby and Sarah’s son.  We stayed in the water as long as we were there, except to alternate who was watching the baby until she blissfully fell asleep in the shade and we played football for a while.

The water was warm enough and clear.  It felt magnificent to be suspended there, over the sandy bottom, beneath a summer sun and bright blue sky.  I could think only of how fortunate I was to be there, enjoying those moments.  And it lead me to some clearer thinking about the simple things in life.  Even Erick as we entered the woods said, “I have to admit, I had a really good time.”

In other news, I finished my book on Friday.  I’ve not yet written a conclusion to wrap up the text, but I think writing the conclusion will fit more appropriately after I’ve revised once over, maybe a few times, and know what stays, (what is added) and what goes.  Still, it felt good (and strange) to pack up the Underwood until my next project.

We were in the RE again on Saturday.  An article ran about a friend who is in remission after battling Leukemia.  We were photographed together.  It’s a really nice photo.  She’s an amazing woman.

All last night we ragged on Christy for not being familiar with Joni Mitchell.  I played “Clouds” (Both Sides Now) for her, but it didn’t ring any bells.  I realized even my horrible blog subtitle is influenced by Joni (I look at life from blog sites now).  I know PE is important in school, but music with real soul can do more for a person than a petty game of dodge-ball any day.

The joy in someone not being familiar with these great artists is in watching their introduction to them.  To be in the presence of someone first moved by a musician’s words or music is like seeing that person in the museum completely enthralled with an image; lost in it.  So here’s a question for the general audience, What music moves you?

And remember to visit the Healing Tree Farm website for additional updates on our backyard permaculture project.