You step out of time

On the heels of a fading dream

And I dragging love by the hair,

Through shallow pools formed

By evening storms,

Cast only a passing glance


I am the lion’s tooth in a field of daffodils


The Race (unfinished)
For Chris Vranich

I wonder what he felt
at his finish?
When his thoughts, like stars, did not fade into the light of day
But fell shadows on the floor
and followed at his heels
until his feet grew tired with the weight of it

I knew him when he ran every race
and always took first place

But I feel I know him better now
when the sky is mangled black with storm
and I alone
contemplating those races I never finished
In those hours when you dare not stir, but lie alert in bed
When the voices, like rushing water, fill a soul with dread

There are times when our legs cannot move fast enough.



It Was Nothing

It was nothing
Or so I said,
lamenting the last touch
of my hand upon your skin
It was nothing
or so I feared
as I watched you
turn to go
It was nothing
I tried to tell myself
in the shadows of that night
when you and I came as close
as planets passing in separate orbits around the sun
or the tide as it sweeps along the shore
Just molecules hovering with infInite space between them
until it is nothing more
than what we imagine it to be
So, it may be nothing for you,
but it was something for me.

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