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We became members at the local art store and now save 10% on every purchase.  As the girls experiment with paint, I’m enjoying watching new worlds and imaginary animals pour from their brushes.  They love mixing paints to make new colors and prefer making their new shades over using paint out of the tube.  Today the whole family sat together on an old, large sleeping bag (to protect the carpet) and painted in the afternoon sun.  

Erick shows the Po the art of shading.

The subject in today’s artwork: Princesses.  Priceless.


The girls are getting creative.  My oldest is blogging, and all of our girls are working on various art projects at the moment.  Yesterday, I set up Popo’s paint set and let them have at it.  Their creation was yummy.  

I’m always finding little things they’ve made like the magnet-flowers that began springing up the other day. Here we are in the center of a concrete jungle and our children have created a mini-garden out of magnets!  Let the sun shine in!

Erick and I are considering condo living, so we took a look at the Arlington, a 25+ story building on the light-rail.  It’s beautiful and the units were very spacious.  The top floor offered a magnificent view as well as a lap pool and fitness facility.  It’s just under 2K/month which isn’t bad considering we never use our car in Uptown, so the added cost would go into housing rather than fuel or vehicle maintenance.  Still, I think it would be best for us all to have some space outdoors in which to play and explore.  And a place where Celli and Lady could run free.  

All this creativity is exhausting!