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Waking up to the rain was such a nice surprise.  The edge of the forest is blurred by a light fog lifted off the snow.  It’s supposed to be in the 50s today.  One nice thing about a cold spell, is how much reprieve a slightly warmer temperature brings to we indoor animals.

I spent some time at the library yesterday researching for OMS.  When I began this project, I really didn’t have a good grasp on just how significant Old Mission has been to our entire region.  It was significant to our family, but as I read through old RE articles, obits and oral histories, I’m learning Old Mission was the starting point for the settlers who later established a village at the base of West Grand Traverse Bay (Traverse City).  The first Blessing of the Blossoms (precursor to the National Cherry Festival) was held there.  The first apple and cherry trees planted, were planted by native peoples near the site of what is now Old Mission.  And the first non-native school was began on a schooner just offshore in Bowers Harbor.  

This project has been nothing but fun so far, which isn’t exactly what I had expected.  But like rain falling softly on a winter’s morning, I am once again pleasantly surprised.

We made it to Michigan (and through Michigan taking a more scenic, albeit much longer route winding our way through forests, farmland and little towns).  Total duration: 18 hours.

I forgot to mention a previous adventure which subsequently made for a lot of fun had on the longer trip north.  Friday morning, Erick woke the whole family and hurried us out the door and down to the Apple Store to wait in line for the new iPhone.  I thought he was insane – the line was hundreds of people long (five-hundred during our six hours) and the wait was boring, but the reward well worth it.  I’ve never before been so enthralled with technology (you know, the word that means magic). 

At first glance, the unassuming little device appears to be little more than an iPod, but spend some time surfing the internet and email photos while driving through a mountain tunnel and you’ll know the little iPod-GPS-camera-phone has super-powers.  Rather than using satellites to locate your position on the map, it triangulates your position by bouncing signals off nearby towers.  Maybe not as cool as satellites, but someone had to come up with the idea and I’m impressed.  I’m also impressed that Erick needed only stand near his computer while his personal data was uploaded “magically” to his iPhone.  And that during our trip, I snapped a photo of the “Welcome to Michigan” sign, attached it in an email and sent it to Erick’s family awaiting our arrival up north with the message, “We’re here.”  Me, a simple human being, capable of wielding such power!  Bwah-ha-ha!

Anyway, wow.  Again, wow.  Cooler even than the personal computer.