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Plastic bags are very difficult to recycle and very few make it to the recycling phase.  Most end up in landfills, or scattered across the country-side and in our waterways where they are ingested by smaller and smaller creatures until there’s a level of petroleum detectable all the way up the food-chain.  SO, the next time asks you whether you prefer paper or plastic, bring them cloth or tell them paper because it’s easily recycled.  Donate bags, if your store will accept them, or encourage a friend to bring his/her own bags when shopping.  It all makes a difference.  

Yesterday, when I asked the Home Economist about going to paper, I learned that this is the first week they are plastic-free!  I spoke with them about bag donation (since I think slowing the purchasing of paper bags (which come from beautiful CO2-absorbing trees) is a good next step).

In today’s news:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Americans drove 1.4 billion fewer highway miles in April than they did in April 2007, the Department of Transportation said Wednesday.

I met a woman who quit her job with a 22-mile commute each way because on days when she only worked a few hours, it was costing her more to drive to work than the $7/hr she was earning.  It was the first time I had heard someone in the middle class tell me they cannot afford to drive to work.  

On the plus side, fewer miles means less CO2 in our atmosphere and more focus and energy being spent on solving our energy crisis than ever before.