Our second child celebrates her 6th birthday today!  She was born at home – a very fast delivery and has surprised us often with her tenacious approach to life.  With such a peaceful birth, we expected a quiet child, but our little Offy-offess is bold, curious, and pushes the envelope at every turn.  As we grew to know this boisterous child, we were equally surprised to see a most delicate and tender side to her as she approached people who were sad or bandaged a boo-boo on her older sister’s knee.

While still in MI, I would take the girls out after a hard rain and we would collect worms in buckets (saving them from the road) to transplant into the garden beds.  Po-po, the older of all three had devised a system where she pointed to the worm and Wolfy would retrieve it carefully for the buckets.  I didn’t know for some time that the Po had never even touched a nematode!  

Wolfy likes to take charge and she knows when she is needed.  She wasn’t worried about her sister’s fear of worms; she was genuinely concerned for the outstretched earth worms flattening themselves out over the long expanse of asphalt.  For Wolfy, it was a true rescue mission.  

And so today Erick will bake a Sponge-Bob square cake and we’ll make dinner and celebrate another journey around the sun with our wee-beeb and wolfiest one.