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Your voice matters

Democrat, Republican, Independent or other: Please don’t procrastinate; PARTICIPATE!  Novemeber 4th is almost here and if you haven’t already, please exercise your right to vote and register today! 

Ways to register:

  • Visit the Vote for Change website and register online.
  • Visit the Rock the Vote website and register online.
  • Visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or Secretary of State office and register (or click the link and look up your state).
  • Visit your local courthouse for registration.  
  • Your local part-headquarters should also supply forms to get you registered.

There was a time in this country when you could only vote if you were part of a privileged class, white and male.  Today all adult US citizens have a right to vote and we owe it to those who fought for this right to get out cast a ballot.  If you need a ride, please ask a friend or neighbor.  If you won’t be able to vote on election day, you may request an absentee ballot one of the above ways or:

  • Visit Go Vote Absentee, a non-partisan organization dedicated to absentee registration.  
If you are interested in getting other people registered to vote, visit any of the above locations and request additional ballots.  And Thank-you!

Election Day Gathering!

I’d like to invite all my close friends and associations (on either side of the gate) to an Election Day Party.  Not sure where, yet, but wouldn’t it be nice to bring in the new admin with a little champaign?  In 2000, I waited up almost all night hugely pregnant with our first child, in front of our computer in the basement of our first house and still didn’t have the results when I went to bed.  2004 was just a few days after our youngest was born, so I listened to the radio and when the news came in, my incredible mommy hormones kept me smiling despite the grim outlook of four more years of Bush.  I think that was the moment I realized no matter how bad the administration, the will of the people is important and at least the election felt legitimate.  

This year, I want to celebrate our ability to vote by spending the day with friends and family equally as excited and eager to learn the results.  This has to be the longest election season in US history and many of you have followed along, listening to all sides; some of you have heard the candidates speak in person; others believe in the issues the candidates represent more than the candidates themselves.   Whatever the reason, join us in person or in spirit as we celebrate what makes this country lovable: Our democratic process.