The weather is finally meeting my expectations of what it is like living in a southern climate.  It’s frickin’ hot.  I maintain a teensy weensy pony-tail to keep my hair up off my neck and I have my first real sunburn of the year.  Ouch!  Really, I love the heat and enjoy getting up early and being able to walk outside in sandals.  I also love the deep green of every horizon; leaves thickening to soak up abundant sunlight.  And in the south, the sun is far more intense than up north – every time I walk outside, it feels like I’m walking into a dream.  Often, I’m heard mimicking a maguey, “Bright light!  Bright light!” 

The girls have gotten into self-portraits on the mac, so I often find little surprises like the following: 

Sunday, we all gathered down at Erick’s uncles for some outdoor fun.  We played horse-shoes, badminton full-contact hide-and-seek, and touch football.  Kennedy kept calling a “cuddle,” and couldn’t understand why we cried laughing each time she did it.  I’m still trying to picture a bunch of broad-faced footballers yelling “Cuddle!”  I think it would make the world a better place overnight.


Lucy sat out touch football most of the time, but kept score for us.  She and Celli would periodically appear in the game adding a new and exciting element to the game.  We quickly dubbed our new players, “trippy gremlins.”