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What exactly does it cover?  I have a great vision plan (thanks), but no coverage for any of the scans I should be getting quarterly and today, while at an office visit with my sick child, I learned I have no coverage PERIOD at our local hospital – the main hospital for all of Northern Michigan and the upper peninsula.  I paid nearly $300 just for our Urgent Care visit ($98 for my child + $98 for me (these charges included the discount for payment up front) + $65 in prescriptions. 

So, the next time someone asks me how anyone in this country is uninsured or why anyone would have medical debt with “full” coverage with a major insurer, I’ll scream first and then tell them.  It’s enough to make you sick.

Time Magazine just posted an article on the cost of quality of life for patients – what insurance believes it to be and the actual cost per person.  How accurate – it’s almost exactly what we’ve spent to keep me going.

When we switched over to Wachovia, we were offered four insurance plans.  Erick assumed falsely that these plans would be comparable to Cardinal or even North Bay, a small company with only 22 employees.  The coverage, however, is minimal with absolutely no coverage for my scans, so we’ll need to buy supplemental insurance or pay 5K out of pocket every four months.  And that’s only if I can afford to drive to the hospital.  The train doesn’t run that direction.