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One year following the publication of More than Cherries (the paper), I was diagnosed with NHL:


Vote today for the Grand Vision

If you are a Northern Michigan resident residing in Antrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Leelanau or Wexford Counties, please fill out your Grand VIsion Scorecard.  For detailed information about the four scenarios the Grand Traverse Region, please visit the Grand Vision.


Our second child celebrates her 6th birthday today!  She was born at home – a very fast delivery and has surprised us often with her tenacious approach to life.  With such a peaceful birth, we expected a quiet child, but our little Offy-offess is bold, curious, and pushes the envelope at every turn.  As we grew to know this boisterous child, we were equally surprised to see a most delicate and tender side to her as she approached people who were sad or bandaged a boo-boo on her older sister’s knee.

While still in MI, I would take the girls out after a hard rain and we would collect worms in buckets (saving them from the road) to transplant into the garden beds.  Po-po, the older of all three had devised a system where she pointed to the worm and Wolfy would retrieve it carefully for the buckets.  I didn’t know for some time that the Po had never even touched a nematode!  

Wolfy likes to take charge and she knows when she is needed.  She wasn’t worried about her sister’s fear of worms; she was genuinely concerned for the outstretched earth worms flattening themselves out over the long expanse of asphalt.  For Wolfy, it was a true rescue mission.  

And so today Erick will bake a Sponge-Bob square cake and we’ll make dinner and celebrate another journey around the sun with our wee-beeb and wolfiest one.

Every year Team in Training members raise thousands of dollars for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) participating in marathons, half marathons and triathlons.  And every year thousands of families just like mine benefit from the support of the LLS in battling blood cancers.  So, I’m considering running in the Kiawah Island Marathon (off the coast of South Carolina) this December to give something back and to work on strengthening my body.  I also think it would be a great way to meet people.  All expenses are paid for training, travel and lodging at LLS events, but you need to raise a minimum of $2400.  Could I raise $2400 in time?!  Training begins August 2nd.

Ideas for fund-raising?


Above is an image of the narrow peninsula uncovered for less than a decade at a time every 75 years, where Erick and I were married in 2000.  I stopped there earlier this month and the water has reclaimed a good half of what was there originally.  In another year, we’ll have to wade into the water to show the girls were Mommy and Daddy were wed. 


Yesterday for Popo’s birthday, we took a long walk down past Dilworth, through the historic neighborhood, catching the new old-fashioned trolley into Uptown and back to Tea-Rex for afternoon tea.  The trolley was a great experience; just us and a driver passionate about trolleys.  The driver showed the girls how to operate the trolley and let them ring the bell and even showed them how to switch tracks.  He then took us up to the trolley barn where we saw one of Charlotte’s original trolleys, No. 85, built in 1927 and still in operation today.  (Trolley photos taken with my phone.)


Yesterday afternoon was spent celebrating Po-po’s 7th time around.  She received art supplies, tools, and lots of requested clothes.  Her favorite gift was a set of magnets.  She spent hours playing with them.

Also celebrating a birthday was my beloved Poe House; added to the historic register the same day my own Po made her debut into this world.  Also see Poe Stairs.


Following our showing of the Poe House on Saturday, we drove farther into the mountains and stopped for lunch at a little bar perched on the edge of the world.  Our view from the restaurant: 

On our way home from the Poe House, I took a self-portrait.  I always glow like that after seeing historic homes and mountains in the same day.  // Erick has been practicing up on guitar and banjo and the girls enjoy dancing to the music. 


It was an eventful weekend and we’re about to begin the first of weekdays with Jasmine tea.  May you (may we all!) have a wonder-filled, adventurous week!


The old farm house on some acreage turned out to be a structural nightmare in the wait right across from a gas station.  Not exactly my dream, but the latest disappointment spurred a discussion between husband, realtor and I about what it is we want from a property in Charlotte.  We concluded we would like to have land and an old house in which to put down roots, but the fact remains, by Charlotte’s standards, we’re not in the financial position to find what we want.  The next best thing involves temporary thinking with long-term goal-setting.  I ran a search of houses priced below $200K near Charlotte, but with some yard.  Some are bank-owned, some are just older and in need of minor updates and a few are new, but small.  All will house a family our size for the next few years and will likely sell for more than what we pay (which will be nice for a change).  In the meantime, we will pad our savings and hopefully in a few years, I’ll have my book published, Erick will have moved up and we’ll be in a financial position to revisit property back home in Michigan.  Or maybe, we’ll do some traveling.  Whichever, we’ll need to fund our dreams with something a bit more concrete than wishful thinking.