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Yesterday afternoon, we headed over to Empire to witness the release of an adolescent eagle back in to the wild.  Despite not having the characteristic coloring of an adult eagle, she was still a beautiful, powerful presence.  A few hundred people were there and we all cheered as the magnificent bird soared skyward.  


Following the eagle, Erick and I took the girls over to the big lake and collected stones and watched a lone freighter pass quietly in the distance.  The water was a vibrant hue – a turquoise blue.  



The sun was setting as we left for Boones in Glen Arbor (yum).  And on the way back, I captured my farm at dusk.  The wind turbine moved slowly on a light breeze.  Love that place.  


The girls were sleepy on the way home.  

And finally, a photo of Grandpa and me at Thanksgiving.


Vote today for the Grand Vision

If you are a Northern Michigan resident residing in Antrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Leelanau or Wexford Counties, please fill out your Grand VIsion Scorecard.  For detailed information about the four scenarios the Grand Traverse Region, please visit the Grand Vision.


What exactly does it cover?  I have a great vision plan (thanks), but no coverage for any of the scans I should be getting quarterly and today, while at an office visit with my sick child, I learned I have no coverage PERIOD at our local hospital – the main hospital for all of Northern Michigan and the upper peninsula.  I paid nearly $300 just for our Urgent Care visit ($98 for my child + $98 for me (these charges included the discount for payment up front) + $65 in prescriptions. 

So, the next time someone asks me how anyone in this country is uninsured or why anyone would have medical debt with “full” coverage with a major insurer, I’ll scream first and then tell them.  It’s enough to make you sick.

MLS Search

I just did an MLS search in North and South Carolina for four-bedroom homes on four+ acres under 300K and found a total of seven properties.  The same search in the Grand Traverse region resulted in 114 properties.  I’ve been so home-sick this week, but at the same time enjoying all Charlotte has to offer.  It really is a fantastic city.  The girls and I hopped on the train to pick up a carton of milk at 7th St. Station.  Yes, it’s organic. 

My first website made with Mac’s iWeb software: Please visit Rennie Orchards.

I’ve had the Mario theme song stuck in my head for the last week. I seem to whistle the tune whenever I’m doing something tedious like dishes or folding laundry which leads me to beleive it’s a song that is perfect twofold: 1) It never gets old and 2) It makes you happy.

In other news, my oncologist checked the lump near my jaw. He said it is odd at which point Erick interjected, “…but so is she.” If it gets bigger, he said we’ll have to have it biopsied, but since my last scan was clear, he asked me not to worry.

In other other news… We’ll be issuing a certified check today for $7000+ to sell our house in Northern Michigan and the closing documents will be arriving shortly to be signed and notarized. We did alright all things considered. It’s still hard letting go of a home we loved, but we’re doing well and moving forward and that’s what matters most.

I cried when the doctor asked me if I was under any stress at the moment. It felt good to cry. Maybe that’s why Mario Bros. has attached it’s happy theme-song to my brain this week.  I need it.