Erick took the girls for a train-ride last night. Celli and I met them at the station and we all walked home together. Celli isn’t sure about the train, we like it. It’s sleek. And we even saw the stars. Not like up north

Where our apartment lacks in space, our kitchen feels enormous. There’s a granite bar at the center and it has inspired me to cook. Last night (after my discovery of the Economist Market) I made a recipe Liz and Christy prepared for us before we left. It’s an Asian dish and my first, but it turned out well.  I also made an amazing chocolate tart for Erick’s V-Day gift.  SOOOOO  GOOD.  Another of Liz’s famous recipes!   The omelettes this morning was very photogenic, so I’m posting here.


We’re heading out in a bit to meet Erick at the Third St. Station to have lunch in Uptown. I’ll bring my camera!