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The energy around the world is palpable this morning. The speeches by Obama, McCain and even Bush were moving and filled with an urging toward unity. President-elect (I’ve waited 10 years to write that) Obama made it clear he would not push a “liberal agenda,” but rather work to heal the nation and renew faith in us by our friends and allies in other parts of the world.

This is why I voted for Obama – Not just to get a Democrat in the White House, but to elect someone in the White House who might have a chance at bringing both parties together for real solutions over the long-term.

According to a CNN poll, 97% of voters called this election the most important election of their life. Not only have we elected a stellar leader who inspires, we’ve also elected the first ever African American president. We’ve proven as a nation that anyone can become president; “The dream of our fathers” lives still.

The Great Debate

Fueling the argument

I’m 29 years old. I purchased my first gallon of gas for around $0.79 at age 16. Ten years later, I was paying $2.49/gallon. Today, a gallon of gasoline (regular unleaded) is $4.18 at the pump; a 430% increase over my first gallon.

Some get mad at the price. They point fingers at oil companies making record profits or at President Bush (the worst president ever) and his oil buddies or they blame the war. And they (we) should be angry, but what really angers me is the feeling that we’ll allow this rise in prices to continue unabated until our country bursts at the seams with inflation. The oil companies have a hand in everything we do from driving to work to taking a much-needed, well-deserved vacation. We had a choice in the 1970s when we saw the first dramatic spike in oil, but we sat idling in the great parking-lots of centers of energy and policy. And we have the same choice today, but for some reason, the technologies are slow-moving. Why are hybrids still too costly for the lower middle class? What does it mean when in America, the cost of driving to work, does not warrant the job itself? And today there’s more at stake than just the price of gas, we must consider also the cost of driving. What impact will current and future technologies have on our environment and well-being? So I’m not just frustrated with big oil, I’m frustrated with us. We’re not the only country in the world importing oil, but we a great country on the fragile brink of economic collapse because of a severe lack of foresight.

I’m asking now for those readers who do not normally comment, to consider posting ideas for free-energy, education, the economy, etc. We don’t need to fuel the argument; we need to power a solution.

As a thick fog settled over the city, I packed up my camera and the girls and caught a train to Trade St. I wanted to discover what the Bank of America building looked like fading into the clouds.


On my our way, we saw some really neat buildings whose curves and contours blended as well into the cityscape as the bank tower blended into the fog.


And at Founders Hall we visited the museum and were fortunate to see some very important documents, signed by some very important people. Besides the fog, I wanted to take the girls to the bookstore. There, my youngest made a new friend, a giraffe she calls “Flower Rose.” It was there I picked up the first in a newer series of children’s books about the adventures of a tiny Siamese kitten known to his mother as Skippyjon Jones. It now comes officially highly recommended by yours truly.



Following our bookstore adventure, we walked to Wachovia to meet Erick for lunch. Erick suggested, over the phone, we take the skyway to the Atrium, to the Overstreet Mall, to Wachovia Two… Or something like that.

I wouldn’t be able to tell you how to get there, but I can always get myself there. I love the adventure of going building to building through a maze of escalators, corridors, skyways, and parking garages just to avoid being drenched in a sudden rainfall. What might have amounted to less than a block of walking, quadruples in length, but is made up for in entertainment. Lunch was good, btw.


On the way home, we were caught in a rainstorm, but the train waited and we made it home before the sudden showers could soak through our clothes. (Don’t the gals look happy?!)