Today has been strange.  This morning began well with three good walks around the neighborhood – two with Celli and one to feed the birds.  I think I may have a sunburn!  Spring has arrived in Charlotte.

Around noon I went in for my scan.  This PET was far different than my usual.  They gave me a sedative and a diuretic which made me sleepy, but with the need to pee every five minutes.  The benefit, however, was that I slept through the entire scan!  Afterward  I came home where Erick served an amazing lunch and then I drooled myself to sleep for another five hours.  The rest was welcome, however, I’m not sure I’ll sleep tonight.

So, I feel a bit strange that the day has passed when it still feels like noon to me.  I’m glad to have it over with and I’ll have the results tomorrow.  They really have it together down here – a huge perk for cancer survivors tired of the week wait to find out whether or not they’re in the clear.  [Fingers crossed.]

Oh, and I’m not glowing in the dark, for those who wondered.