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Things are really heating up here in the south.  I’ve heard it rumored that running in the summer air down here is like swimming.  Only underwater, you try not to breathe – outside, you haven’t a choice. It’s a challenge to get enough air right now, but I think this will only help in the long run (pardon the pun). 

I’m amazed at all the support coming in via email and comments regarding the upcoming fund-raising and half-marathon and all I can say is **Thank-you!**  It means a whole heck of a lot to see both friends and strangers reach out with encouragement.  Agreeing to run a marathon is not an easy decision and in this case it’s compounded by the fund-raising goal.  I’m in a new town where I know very few people and I’m not a natural runner.  As with the cancer-battle, this isn’t an act of physical endurance as much it is pure determination.      

This morning, near the end of my run, I thought about the people I’ve met who’ve inspired me.  Thinking of them took away the awareness of my fatigue and allowed me to make one more stride after one more stride until I crossed the imaginary finish-line.  Out of breath from trying to breathe in the thick air, I thought to myself, only twelve more miles to go!  Right now it doesn’t seem possible, but with each stride I’m a little closer to my end goal.  And as a team of mothers and fathers; sisters and brothers; husbands and wives and children; taking on this disease and running full tilt toward a cure; stride by stride, we’re that much closer to our goal for a cure.  

Tomorrow, Celli and I are walking for a cure for human and canine cancers: The 2008 Dogs Walk Against Cancer.  Lymphoma is a common cancer for dogs, so we’re proud to be taking part in an event to raise money and awareness for we two-leggers and our four-legged friends.

Thank-you again for your support!



UC Berkley and Raytheon are both working on developing a powerful exoskeleton to aid soldiers in carrying heavy equipment, climbing, fighting, jumping, etc.  Running, however, seems awkward, but really, it’d be the other guy running – the suit is scary enough.  

So, how far will technology go in war?  Can’t we just develop uber-suits for moving companies to lift pianos and leave well enough alone?   

We drove my path and found I’m running almost exactly two miles which means I’m averaging a 12-minute mile. Even better, should I decide to add an extra mile here and there, I can simply double my loop. And getting to 20-minutes means a 10-minutes mile. I think this is an easily obtainable goal.

For more information about running or preparing for a marathon, visit Coach Joe!

Ryan’s funeral is today. I was planning on going, but woke up with a really sore throat. Trying now to nurse myself back to health. I’ll certainly be thinkin of Ryan and wondering how Stephan did in yesterday’s race. Ryan’s brother flew to Utah Friday to compete Saturday and fly back in time for today’s funeral. Our thoughts are with the Shay family.

No Pain

I started running on Monday and by Wednesday evening was in tremendous pain.  I’m only mentioning this beacuse today (Friday) I’m feeling great.  My body is handling the adjustment to our new routine wonderfully.  I’ll be running in an hour and am looking forward to discovering how feeling good will positively impact tonight’s run.

I’m still feeling a bit low about Ryan, but the running is a good inspiration.  I think of it as ccontinuing someone else’s joy and making some of that joy my own.  I didn’t know Ryan all that well – we were in the same class and neighbors, but mostly I saw him running.  It’s strange to think he’s gone and I think hardest to think of someone in such great health dying so young.  It just doesn’t make sense.

Much of the pain in running is from the body’s process of rebuilding.  Sometimes pain in life offers up a similar marker.

Time: 23:49.51

Not sure yet on the mileage, but I ran the whole distance and felt pretty good about it.  At some point I’ll measure, but I think I’m averaging over 10 minutes per mile, which isn’t great, but not bad considering all my body has endured this year.  I just need to shave off the three minutes and 49.51 seconds sometime in the next year and I’ll be pretty satisfied with my efforts.

Celli made it too, though with obvious strain on her little frame.  I’m amazed she even gets excited when she sees me get ready.  I’m trusting this is good for her, but I’ll likely clear it with our vet just in case.  Lady doesn’t seem to mind at our current pace.

I’ve missed runner’s high!  Woo-hoo!

Time: 23:49.51

I’m setting a goal of making it from home, around the loop and back home again in under 20 minutes.  I made it in about 30 minutes before, so I think it’s a reasonable goal (especially if I’m not dragging two dogs).  I’ll be taking one dog at a time in the future.

Tomorrow night I’ll be running for Ryan and the Shay family at a candlelight vigil in Central Lake.  I think it’s a nice thing for the school to do and it reminds me of how wonderful the community is and was.

What goals have you set recently?  Are you able to keep and make goals, do you require a team approach to goal-setting or are you self-motivated?


I went out and bought a pair of running shoes yesterday from Running Fit.  I think it was watching a mutual friend of Chris and Ryan looking gloomy that inspired me to do so.  And I even used them!  The friend recommended 20 minutes, three times per week for four weeks.  Last night I ran for a solid twenty and then walked/ran for about 10 minutes (to get home).  It was a cold and windy evening and though I ended up dragging both dogs, I enjoyed the experience immensely and I’m really proud of myself for doing it!