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Sen. Obama’s comments on the current economic climate.

We are one people

I love this speech: We are one people.

The traffic congestion along Independence is thick at rush hour and we were already running late.  I knew this event was important to Popo; the look she gave me when I said I was too tired to fight traffic in 80-degree weather was enough for Erick to volunteer to drive us.  With traffic stopped, I looked back at my oldest daughter and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I think we’ve missed most of the speech, Honey, we’re going to have to turn around.”  What I didn’t know was that we weren’t the only people running late on the way to the Barack Obama rally this afternoon.  

As traffic idled in the heat a siren grew louder coming up behind us.  We watched as a slow procession of police cars and unmarked SUVs snaked its way past our truck.  “Here he comes!” Erick said excitedly.  I waved and whistled and suddenly being stuck in traffic didn’t seem so bad.

Unfortunately I was so excited I forgot about the camera in my lap, so this photo was taken as one of the last police cars passed.  

Popo and I arrived just minutes after Obama and found ourselves standing amid a crowd far larger than the Clinton rally and with noticeable decibel differences.  The sound erupting from the crowd as Obama entered the room was overwhelming.  This wasn’t just a candidate, this was our hero.  This was a man who came from meager beginnings to run for office of President of the United States.  

Popo brought her hand-made sign saying simply:  I love you OBAMA.  I didn’t teach her to choose one candidate over the others.  I’m not the kind of person who tells my children what to think about political candidates.  Instead, I’ve educated them.  I took them to Clinton’s rally*, but the difference between the two candidates, even from my perspective, was incredibly noticeable.  Clinton’s crowd was interested in seeing her, but there wasn’t the same feeling of enthusiasm; the connection Obama makes with individual voters.  He doesn’t just spill political rhetoric, he identifies with real problems and offers innovative solutions.  He’s proposing a plan that allows students to earn $4000 toward college tuition in exchange for military or volunteer services.  If you sign up to help adults learn to read, or assist at a shelter, you will receive money for college.  As Obama put it, “If you invest in America, America will invest in you.”

Amid criticism over his former pastor, Obama told the crowd about his grand-father who fought in WWII. He went on to explain that his grandfather received money for college as part of the GI bill.  Later, his grandparents were able to buy a home with an affordable FHA loan.  His own mother, a single mother, was able to go back to school and Obama received scholarships and federal aid affording him the opportunity to get a quality education.  “People question my patriotism?  I owe our country everything!”  As he said this, my eyes brimmed with tears.  So impassioned were his words, “I love our country!”   It’s been a while since I’ve felt patriotism myself, but the truth is, I love what this country could become again and when I hear Obama speak, I truly feel my hope restored.   [And while we were at the speech, Erick was out voting.]

Notice the news media writing as Obama speaks?  The photographers were uploading photos to these laptops and Popo and I watched as they updated live continually throughout the speech.  Pretty cool.  I wondered how many of these guys were bloggers. 

*John McCain has not made a recent stop to Charlotte.